In Catfarm, we strive to work together in harmony and without hierarchy. To arrive at this purpose, holacracy was introduced in our community!

Holacracy is a management philosophy that emphasizes self-management and distributed decision-making among energizers rather than hierarchical structures and top-down control. It's a system for organizing based on circles, which are self-organizing groups of individuals who work together to achieve a common purpose. Each circle has a specific set of roles and responsibilities, and members are encouraged to take ownership of their responsibilities and make decisions autonomously within the boundaries of their roles. Holacracy also emphasizes continuous improvement and adaptation, with regular meetings and processes for identifying and addressing tension points within the organization. This allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to changes in Catfarm, as well as more engaged and empowered connections.

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A role within Catfarm describes an aspect of the community that we need to thrive. A role consists of:

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Circles are self-organized groups formed by roles. Circles have autonomy for decision-making inside their purpose, responsibilities, and domains.


Each circle has what we call a guardian of the energy. A guardian safeguards the purpose and energy of the circle and they support the roles within the circle with their day-to-day activities. The Guardian is responsible for energizing the roles that make up your circle and also connects with the other circle’s guardians if there is a tension that needs to be resolved, resources that need to be allocated or the circle cannot solve it within its own domain. This is done in the Anchor circle meeting that occurs weekly.

The guardians at this moment are:

Life: Chris

Garden: Laura

Building: Eliot

Growth: Nicole